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03 November, 2010


ermm. skg ni dh lpas 4paper. lega sket pale ak ni.
MGT 420 - gemuruh 1st paper. heheh

FIN 420 - i'll try my best! but finally n greatful i was answer all the question.
n time jwb mcm kt london. sejukkkk banget!!! jwb kt dsi.

CTU 551 - ermm. jwb jela pe yg ptut. huhuhu

MGT 543 - time dh dok kt meja tgk2 soalan tukar format. n unfortunatelly....
we are dont know about the new format..
aaarrggghhh!!! wtf! huhuhu. so redha jela.

MKT 420 - pecah kpale byk sgt input. de 20 chpter. soaln de 6 n jwb 4 jek.

but today........

i want to relax my mind. empty the previous sbject.
now concentrate at QMT n IBM.
killer sbject!!! qmt 2 dhla crrymark rendah. dont know wether i can do it or not!
hope that God give me some strength n cleverness 2 answer dat paper!

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